Saturday, November 6, 2010

as is...


intan or diamond is a precious items wanted by human lavish needs. That why there is a term called blood diamond. An educated man knows what is a blood diamond. One of its property I personally love the most is its everlasting shine. a man once told me that you can throw diamond into the mud, sewerage, a basket full of rotten meat and any place that symbolize ugly, negative, waste or bad. BUt, if you ever pick it up from it dumping ground, and polish it back, it will still shines beautifully again. Any man should use this exquisite property of diamond to our daily life. In term of personal esteem, we can shine wherever we go. As long as we know how to polish it with extraordinary efforts. Well, if you implies it to your daily life, you can get as many benefits from diamonds.
etc- if you are a truly diamond, you can shines without worrying anything. If you worry too much, it will killed your dreams. I learn it from a book given to me by a man. Written by Dale Carnegie entitled "Stop Worrying and Start Living"
For example. if you worried too much about money, any cent will never be enough for you and your dreams will be far away to reach and slowly die. This come from my personal experience thou.
BUt, live life the way you wanted to be. Chase your dream and stop worrying. Worry is the most contagious disease mankind should ever encounter. That why Dale Carnegie entitled his book;


Umbrella. I once tried an umbrella as a parachute. That is before it broken its frame and someone was angry. I asked myself why umbrella. Well, it is not as significant as a diamond. But umbrella has its own personal history from the ancient world. Now this little invention is everywhere. It also can be stylish enough if you using it at the right place and the right time with the proper attire. What we can learn form the umbrella is that it is a little invention with a big purpose for us, human. As it is no wrong on using it for other creatures living on earth; especially goat. Another one of its great purpose is shelter from natural elements such as sun shine and rain. Maybe it does not protect entirely from the elements, but at least it do provide a shelter. Applies it in life, we our self can become the umbrella itself. Such, we can shelter anything we favor the most. It can be our loved one, our dreams and passion that cheer our little life on this planet. Unless the is other planet greater than ours. Obviously, most of us never had the chance yet to hop on Sir Richards Branson's Virgin Atlantic space tourism. So, the space is very exile to us and keep our planet safe exclusively for our thousand future generations please. As u saw it on Ikea's toilet, leave everything the way you came in.. We are Malaysian with MANNERS.

buah delima

the Promoganate fruit if i am not mistaken on direct translation on Malay language. Not a very significant experiences from my personal mind storage. Just a normal experience with it. Back at my great grandmother house, there is a promoganate tree. But that time i thought that apple is the greatest fruit along with other foreign fruits such as berries and lemon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday all day

si gadis ayu-black dog bone

Sunday is where i always woke up late. But I will always love Saturday. Working during weekdays make every weekend is a heaven. Alas, its just life ma

its 9.08 p.m on Sunday night. Earlier today, i played Futsal with my officemate@ One Utama. Which cost me RM17..woow, that too much for a small earner like me. AND, my soccer boots has lost it entire studs.
Then, we are playing again this Tuesday at real field, not artificial turf. Where am i gonna get a boots too play??
before i went back home, i went to Studio R to check any boots. But then, i saw something bigger than a soccer boot. One of my biggest dreams.
A PUMA DUCATI of my dream on 40% discount. I asked the promoter until when this offer last, He answered that today is the last day. and my dream ruins and washed away.
Its hard to accept the fact that i can't get a pair of it.
Perhaps, next time will do.

On this same Sunday also,i just came out words that i just figure it out..

if i text you, i can't stop thinking of you
if i call you, i get insomnia thinking of you, still

hah, maybe i dream too much thou

Friday, October 29, 2010

if i could.....

Everytime i close my eyes
feat. Mariah Carey & Kenny G.

Girl it's been a long, long time comin', yes it has
But I, I know that it's been worth the wait
It feels like springtime in winter
It feels like Christmas in June
It feels like heaven has opened up it's gates for me and you

Every time I close my eyes
I thank the lord that I've got you
And you've got me too
And every time I think of it
I pinch myself cuz I don't believe it's true
That someone like you loves me too

Girl I think that you're truly somethin', yes you are
And you're, you're every bit of a dream come true, yes you are
With you baby, it never rains
And it's no wonder
The sun always shines when I'm near you
It's just blessing that I have found somebody like you
Ooh Oh

Every time I close my eyes
I thank the lord that I've got you
And you've got me too
And every time I think of it
I pinch myself cuz I don't believe it's true
That someone like you loves me too

To think of all the nights I've cried myself to sleep
You really oughta know how much you mean to me
It's only right, it's only right
(In my life) that you be in my life right here with me
Oh baby, baby, yeah

(-Kenny G. sax solo-)

I'll tell you girl that...

Every time I close my eyes
I thank the lord that I've got you
And you've got me too
And every time I think of it
I pinch myself cuz I don't believe it's true
That someone like you loves me too

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a beautifully sweet film

you took my heart away-micheal learns to rock

Last night, I watch the film ’August Rush’. A night before that, I watched ‘Bodyguard and Assassin’ (BAA).

BAA was an impressive movie that exposed viewers with deep patriotic feeling. However, it is hard to determine which one are the protagonist and antagonist characters. But I like the message it wanted to convey to viewers. It is more like the beginning of the Cultural Revolution of the great China, in my understanding.

Then, the August Rush film. I categorize this film as a beautifully sweet film. Thank to Angeline, who gave me this wonderful movie. Lucky you. The way the film tells its magical story and the essence of fine music which I was impressed with proud face. The best scene was how a moment together can be a lifetime. The family values also struck me with the bond of parent and their children.


There are so much things going on around me.

There are so many think I must made my decision

There so much feeling I have to love with. Perhaps its only one

I have been out of luck recently with few things. But few wonderful things happen too. Nevertheless, it is just life. You don’t runaway or deny it. Obviously, you should never fight against it. Its just there around us and inside us

As days passing by, I stuck in a place where I should choose between dream and current passion. It is a though decision to make. Dream is what I wanted to do for a log time. Current passion is where I put my full effort in it. But dream what make a person great. Just like Martin Luther King Jr. great person.

If I have all the chance in the world, I want to catch my dream. Have been dreaming with my friend all the way up to the highest peak.

Monday, October 18, 2010

one of my favorite all time band

Air Supply
Every Women in the World

Over night scenes, dinner and wine
Saturday girls
I was never in love, never had the time
In my hustle and hurry world
Laughing myself to sleep, waking up lonely
I needed someone to hold me, oh

It's such a crazy old town, it can bring you down
Till you run out of dreams
So you party all night to the music and lights
But you don't know what happiness means
I was dancing in the dark with strangers
No love around me, when suddenly you found me, oh

Girl you're every woman in the world to me
You're my fantasy, you're my reality
Girl you're every woman in the world to me
You're everything I need
You're everything to me, oh girl

Everything good, everything fine
That's what you are
So put your hand in mine and together
We'll climb as high as the highest star
I'm living a lifetime in every minute that we're together
And I'm staying right here forever oh

Girl you're every woman in the world to me
You're my fantasy, you're my reality
Girl you're every woman in the world to me
You're everything I need
You're everything to me, oh girl

so, air supply is coming to Malaysia. Rumor saying that this will be their last concert here in our mother land. After all, they have been singing since 35 years ago. so i would like to promote them. i wish i had RM400 and get the VIP ticket, heeeee....
but i just worried with whom i will go to. "Why can't the opposite be true??" Nah, it just came to my conscious mind who will be my partner that night.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shell Advanced Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2010

too much - Spice Girl

Sepang International Circuit

during this date, maybe the national astronaut will get married with his girl. But here is far more important that the big national hero wedding for offense ya.
the most anticipated by myself-motoGP at my home soil.
i was really terrified that i can't go since i wanted to get the expensive ticket as it is an annual event i anticipated the most. then Carmen at office gave me an offer i can't godfather and guns, but with pure enthusiasm, i accept the offer which is 2 MAIN GRANDSTAND Shell Advanced Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2010 tickets worth RM200.

i was posses and i can't sit still. I have been waiting for almost 2 years for such an inspiring event.2 years of waiting and dreaming fantasizing the race at Sepang International Circuit. AND it is a main grand stand tickets.
instantly, i called akmal and offer him the tickets which i get.
then i get another 2 tickets from Jasmin, my next office-mate sat next to me.
For sure, one of the extra tickets are for EKA, so i thought if asking my friend which love TEETO to go, but sadly she have to go to her relatives house.
then i offer a ticket to good friend since high school. He has the same big two wheel enthusiasm. and he is the one who always help me when i broke my leg 7 years ago.

So i really hope to see Casey Stoner and Nickey Hayden step on the podium as Marlboro Ducati Team . Their win will make my first motoGP race a sweet memory.
As Malaysian, i also hope Zul Fahmi will get into podium at home ground

the rider
the guy with a dream

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Star Up High

don't know why - norah jones

its been raining all day
more than i would talk to you
more than my eyes meet yours
more than my hand hold yours

when will the pouring stops
when will the sun shine
and the moon glows
when will the millions stars glitters
and fall to your arms
as each star is my soul

Thursday, September 16, 2010

few things are best spoken by song

jangan ada dusta-broery marantika ft. dewi yull

ketika pertama ku jumpa dengan mu
bukan kah kau pernah ku tanyakan padamu kasih
takkan kecewakah kau kepada diriku
takkan menyesalkah kau hidup dengan ku nanti

memang kau bukan yang pertama bagiku
pernah satu hati mengisi hidupku dulu
dan kini semua kau katakan padaku
jangan ada dusta diantara kita kasih

semua terserah padamu
aku begini adanya ku hormati keputusanmu
apapun yang akan kau katakan
sebekum terlanjur
kita jauh melangkah
kau katakan saja

one of the most beautiful song.
  • calming enough for a troubled heart.
  • soft enough to melt the ruined
that why they create lyrics of songs, which fill the air all day long. it is a fine art, sculptured by sound of instruments which tackled the heart of person who listen to it

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sweet or sour,selamat hari raya

picture of you-boyzone

raya kembali setelah setahun menyepi.maka pengumuman hari raya telah jatuh pada 10 september 2010 hari Jumaat...........hari khamis kerja half day kat office.idd tetap dengan jualan biskut raya die,
sorry la idd and ana, intern xde duit lebih nk beli kuih2 tu. .hehe

blk rumah dari office terus berehat sebelum bertolak dari Shah Alam ke Johor Baru. Acal pon da bangun dan siap2.tggu kol 6,kami meninggalkan rumah, isi minyak kereta, reload touch'n'go and beli juadah berbuka puasa yg terakhir utk ramadhan ini. meatball marinara and italian BMT. air zapple dan pepsi botol besar. buat bekalan time perjalanan sekali.

plan blk jB
  1. amek kak nadia n Leah@KLIA
  2. convoy dgn abg syafiq

buka i tempat terbuka di suatu tempat n pergi rumah abg.ingt da siap, rupenye belum lg. so da ready semua, kitorg pon bertolak la. and kak nadia pon call bgtaw die da selamat sampai di KLIA dgn Leah.
Leah hsemate kak nadia@NZ. dtg malaysia nk beraya sekali sebab die pon puasa sekali. the more the merrier .
setelah sekian lame,alhadulillah smpai di johor baru,singgah larkin sebentar dan terus ke tebrau.

so pagi raya.
the girls

the boys

the jewel

the year old father

gambar2 semasa sebelum group photo,

tgk en. Ali tu......hahaha

da setting punye setting,cuaca pon agak gelap, maka ni la group photo Raya 2010 keluarga Masrukin bin Dasuki.yg paling mude kene la duduk dibawah....


begini la pagi raya di taman sri tebrau.........

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


aman shah-kepulangan yang dinanti

this raya is a total different from all of my 20 raya. since i'm humbly 21 years old which mean i am still young and qualified to receive duit raya from everyone generous heart.

the good thing about 2010 raya is i will be raya at my kampung,JOHOR BARU. going there tonight with my 2 older cousin and acal,which is my closest, i would say that i was thrilled as food galore awaiting at JB and ABC is what my thirst love the usual, me and acal always go to mcD during 1st raya at giant because we love it. its like our local plus western lifestyle . and so on with all the upcoming raya story lah.

the bad thing is that this is the 1st raya without my parent.because they wanted to have the last raya abroad. should be.i like the qoute-"tanah tumpah darah sendiri". i was born here in wilayah persekutuan kuala lumpur. not somewhere else abroad and thank god for that.

so for this raya, i would like to say a few words

i'm maybe not the best person for you to met
maybe i can't give you everything you required
i maybe too harsh, cold mean to you,
but i wanted to be true to my self that
as all other person who celebrate raya
i'm humbly seek forgiveness from the bottom of my heart.
i am a normal human being
prone to making mistakes,
hurt other feelings
and any kind of offense i might do to you
forgiveness from head to toe
from physical to internal

hisham noh

Monday, September 6, 2010

last 2 weeks before the end of Ramadhan

Last week is rather a little boring week compared to the week before. My department was busy with JW Pit Crew Experince@Sepang and Black Circuit Lounge Party@Swedish Marque. At least my good friends here are still around-Gabriel and Angeline. Our department was busy and I came back late once and break my fast with Pak Long at office.

then, one day before the event, i YM with my old friend and she asked me to say hi to her friend also an intern which she had asking me to do so repeatedly before. so, i put aside my shy and drop by to say hi before i went out during lunch break.i wish i had say hi earlier as the next day during my event is her last day and i am not in office.a word of regret i must say.
Plus, next Monday is Angeline last day as intern and next Wednesday is Gabriel last day too. I am all alone here.........

I AM NOT GOING TO LUNCH. i wanted to get few stuffs for the event. i said hi and i left.going back to office it was raining and i shirt was almost soaked by rain water. Not much work to be done as Connie is out for setup. Sarah sat next to me for the call Center. So, i am doing nothing and waiting the clock to hit my release from the office. So i talk to Sarah and Angeline and walk around to fill my empty time.
A reasons to smile,perhaps

go back home.

Then,next day is event day until Saturday and i was tired as i have been walking for 3 says.
anyway, it was a great experience of organizing an event such as that scale.

fast forward to last week.

self ad..
since i slip my feet into puma shoes-it was phenomenal. I'm in love with the brand so much.with the endorsement with Ferarri and Ducati, i create a strong rigid bond between this brand and my heart. whose not to love puma??....

So my love with puma never end especially for shoes.last 3 pair of shoes i bought were all puma.
Last Friday, i went break fast my my friend@sunway with the plan of getting a pair of puma shoes for my self i was very late and my friend waited for me even after break her fast.

[sorry,sudden pile of works at office upon time to go back.i must also blame the traffic right??hee]
after we finishing our meal.we went straight to studio R to get the shoes i wanted.i have surveyed the sunway pyramid when i did my racking. sadly, the shoes that i wanted has no size of mine.then,other models also does not have my size.then, i was so disappointed with it as my friend went to other shop...then, i took the model that i don't really prefer because of its color even though it was Ferrari endorsed, i ran to met my friend again and ask her opinion. wisely, she told me that do not buy a shoes that i don't really like to avoid regret days after purchase.....with heavy heart we left studio R and lucky i have another option,Puma lifestyle boutique, which recommended my my other friend if i wanted to get a puma shoe.

AS we entered, i instantly saw a pair which just exactly what i wish for a shoes. black colour,with distinctive and iconic white formstripe, genuine upper leather,Go ld-tone eyelets set off gold embossed tongue and golden textile lining, i was filled with enthusiasm and the price was really reasonable. within second i asked the promoter to seek for my size.
HOWEVER,another frustration of me as they have no available stock.i was disappointed again for the second time. the store only possessed a stock of one size bigger than my.

p/s: my friend said that i was really choosy and sophisticated on selecting my shoes.well, i told her it was Puma shoes and that make the difference between other brand. puma and i have a invincible bond on racing inspired shoes. however, my dream shoes i puma Ducati as i dream of having my very own Ducati bike.

so, it puzzled me either i should take it or not.the only thing stand between me and buying the shoe is the size. i was so anxious and since i cannot wait any longer, i just had to take the shoe.i must and i will. it is a very tempting and desirable shoe. wait no longer and i bought the shoes. the feeling was overwhelming and exited.i told my friend that i not going to wear it to office since i want to adore its beauty before slipping my feet into it and show the world.

with excitement within me and i am done my shopping, its my her turn to shop.she wanted to get a new hand bag since her current bag,the buckle was broken.we went to Asian Avenue to search for her ideal bag and landed to a shop called teeto, rather a cute name la. And finally get herself a new hand bag. so both of get get ourselves something for raya......

isn't she a beauty. simple but elegance

This post is strictly personal experience and not to advertise any brand or product.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

what a weekend.

hugh grant and haley bennett-way back into love

weekend on 31 july and 1 august is the weekend i've been waiting for so long. one filled weekend.

a day before the weekend during friday, i went to SK-II lunch event with Aishah, Rachel and Angeline."Power Up Your Curve Luncheon with Fauziah Latiff".A luncheon with kak gee- Fauziah Latiff, i always wanted to met her. she somehow different from typical local artist. not to mention she a beauty too...hehe...

the event venue-Rajawali and Helang room, the legend hotel KL. Before this,i only went to the mall and PWTC. Never been to the lobby which situated on 9th floor. its is not a luxurious and desirable 5 star hotel,but it has its own class and attractions. the event should start at 10.30 and the talk will be started at 11.00.

when i arrive,i had breakfast at McD The Mall. a set of Big Breakfast with a coffee.i love the sausage. a healthy breakfast it should be.blurrpppp.
then, i went straight up to 9th floor where the lobby and function room located. Asked the usher and she guide me to the function room of rajawali ang helang. Actually, the event venue is the combination of 3 rooms. But i forget the name of the third room. Then, i met Angline from Branding department. i always saw her before during free breakfast. So we turn up working together for the event. our job,to take care of the receptionist counter,usher the guests and help out anything Aishah or Rachel require. Angeline is also an intern at the office. No wonder she always looked like trying to adapt herself to the office environment
[Sorry angeline, sincere comments;) haha]

For the guest attendance,we are not expecting full attendance because it is still weekdays even though the client has allocated 50 seats for both 2 days of event summing up the total guest of 100 people between the two days. the food must be abundantly left. Any empty stomach to filled pumpkin soupS, grilled chickenS and cheese cake?? you should try the soup.nice....

after the event, I have to go back to the office...daaaa.
I thought we can go straight home after working half day outside the office. Then i can go the the 5th Malaysian International Dive Expo, MIDE 2010.then i took the LRT with Angeline heading straight back to the office.
3hours to kill and online je la...
Go home early. After all. Tomorrow is a working days for 4 of us. Sabtu kene keje. Xpe la, keje jangan banyak merungut sgt.awak tu hisham baru lagi.xsampai sebulan pon.
Back at Shah Alam and went straight to Cinta Sayang having dinner with Sayoq and Din.
Back home and watch The Mask of Zorro I before sleep.
Next morning head back to The Legend Hotel with the same routine as yesterday. The only thing better that yesterday is more guest even though not a full house.seriously,really wasted of food being cooked for 50 people.

haaaaaaa......before that, a brilliant plan between me and Acal.heheheh[evil laugh]....
for a week before this particular Saturday, we planned for a suprise come back of Acal to Pak Long and Mak Long.the plan is when Pak Long and Mak Long come back from dinner, Acal will go inside the house using my key hided somewhere and i pretend to be as usual always when going out to dinner.

Back to the event, kak Gee came alone, so I have to usher her from the main entrance. when she arrived, i felt very weird ushering for her. A feeling kindda proud walking with celebrities which mostly known for the singing and beauty. Actually, I wanted to talk to her about his bike. Her assistant told me she had a Can-Am Spyder and A DUCATI 749

haaaaaaaa.......seriously, she is very cool that she have the same passion as mine. SBK. So, she talked to me and asked about the event and i answer it accordingly. Then she went straight to the holding room.
the breakfast is salami sandwich, scone with whipped cream and grape jam and other pastries. . i don't like the scone because it was baked with cherries cut. plain scone or raisin will be taste better.
the event started and same as yesterday...
after the event end, 4 of us head straight to the coffee house and had lunch buffet. Since I have been constantly eating all the sandwiches during the event,my belly was slightly full with it. I ate the buffet below my usual requirement of food consumption.hahaha..

then everyone head home while i went straight to PWTC for Malaysian International Diving Expo 2010 MIDE.i went there with the hope to find any of abah friend and MAYBE my long lost friend,Kieko. It was a very long time ago that actually i don't really remember her face which now should be older with wrinkles.she was my mum when on board dream voyager the boat on the image below...hahaha. the dream voyager

it was 1999 when i live aboard for 4 day at pulau jarak of coast Lumut Perak. It was a great experience since i am young and enthusiast..hahaha
back at PWTC, i wander around and saw a crocs booth. i entered a contest and i won a RM500 voucher.great.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sheila Majid - Aku Cinta Padamu

Malam yang romantis ini
‘tuk kau dan aku
Tetapi di kau seakan air
Yang membeku
Ku masih melihat ragu
Di matamu
Haruskah lidahku berikrar lagi
Untuk yang keseribu kali

Aku cinta padamu... sungguh
Aku cinta padamu... sungguh
Mestikah ku ucapi
Dari mulutku sendiri
Aku cinta padamu

Sesungguhnya dikau tak salah
Bila berkata
Begitu banyaknya cabaran
Yang telah mengoda
Tetapi hingga saat ini
Daku bertahan
Masihkah kau mengerti
Masihkah kau tak tahu

Aku cinta padamu... sungguh
Aku cinta padamu... sungguh
Mestikah ku ucapi
Dari mulutku sendiri
Aku cinta padamu
Cinta padamu...

Uhh... Mmmmmm...

Monday, July 26, 2010

update current city to **** *********.

kickapoo-tenacious D.......

dulu b4 pindah miri sarawak, bangga gak la dgn kengkawan class sebab aku nk pindah nun jauh di seberang laut ke kepulauan borneo.berlagak sebab nk tutup the sadness sebab nk pindah n berpisah dgn sume org kat kota damansara....betapa sedeyh nk pindah tu memang xterkata. still teringt2 time filght take-off dr KLIA.....flight kol 7mlm 28/10/2005 KUL-MYY arasia....

but love the current home at that time.everything is so perfect to grow up.the decision on moving to miri was made my my father after he spend a year there, he wanted our family to get together since i only had a year left at high i go,with the heart felt heavily as the plane airborne.

during my early blog post,i wrote that schooling at miri was not great for me.but it is worth of experiences....and my modern math and chemistry significantly improved...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jangan Ada Dusta-Broery Marantika ft Dewi Yull

when i met you for the 1st time
have i asked you about love?
will you dissapointed to myself
will you regret you will live with me later

yes, you the not the first for me
which once fill my life before
and now you said it to me
don't ever had lies between us

its all depend on you
i am just i way i am
i respect your decision
no matter what you will say
before we move further
just say it

no matter what's in you
i will always love

my internship

good day everyone.....
start mggu lepas da memulakan internship di company advertising@jalan raja chulan....
bawah department Event and Promotion.
memandangkan office di kuala lumpur,jadi hari ke office naek komuter and LRT.kluar rumah kol 7.00 pagi pergi stesen komuter shah alam sebab dekat dgn rumah.naek komuter smpai kL sentral.kalau naseb baek dapat l seat.selalunyer berdiri je.then dr kL sentral naek LRT ke masjid jamek.should arrive office about 0830-0900 hours....
smpai office trus on desktop and lepak kat depan sementara tggu breakfast datang. sementara tggu breakfast tu,bancuh white coffee.always been my favorite coffee ever since...breakfast datang terus makan......blurrpppp.da kenyang blk ke meja blk la.
org sebelah meja, Gabriel Hii.die pon baru masuk sehari lepas aku kuching.selalu tumpangkan aku ke kL sentral.i nice person he is.atleast diela geng aku akt office ni memandangkan kitorg same2 baru.
iverall,office is good.bilik pak long blakang meja aku je pon....
org yg btol2 kenal kat office ni selain dept aku

  1. en. anuar
  2. abg zul
then, lunch time.....time ni,either lunch dgn org dept, dgn gab sahaja, or sorg2 je....xkesah la.nk makan murah kene gi segi kolej kat sebelah muzium telekom.mee goreng RM2.50 je....tgk la mood nk mkn ape. selalunye,mkan yg harga berpatutan sahaja...lgpon,da kerja ni kene la support diri sendiri.xkan asyek nk minx duet kat parent je tiap bulan....

time nk pulang ke rumah.memandang kan still dok shah alam,kene la blk sane.ikowt la nk bk kol berapa,tapipaling awal pon 1800 hours je.ok la tu.paling cepat smpai shah alam pon kol 7.sempat la tgk matahari kat shah alam.

Monday, May 17, 2010

the month of may.....

bulan may blum abes lagi.....tapi,bulan may la yg penuh tgh pelbagai perkara..firstly,bulan exam final semester aku kat UNISEL shah alam diploma in communication and media....
sementara menuggu gap exam...macam2 berlaku.especially submition student project setelah 20 kali re-do......xpe la.yg da jadi tu biar la.aku xnak ape2 da.aku xnk minx ape2 da org laen xyah la bagi aku ape2 da.

then, aku dapat "an offer i can't refuse" dari pkck aku.internship kat company advert.seolah2 da dapat arah tujuan selepas diploma.

then lunch dgn beberapa junior (especially annie tasha) yg telah membuka cerita-cerita.zaty plak akhirnye memulangkan duri landak yg die simpan.(aku pon da lupe sal bende tu).then,aku minum kopi o panas semasa hujan lebat turun kebumi.telan air liur aku dgr cerita yg melibat kan aku...hahah...tasha2

dan yg aku tunggu2 selama ini.K3G-(karnival kerjaya keusahawanan graduan) n initial reunion camp PLKN similajau kumpulan 1 siri 4 2007....

setelah 5 bulan aku xkuar mane2.ari sabtu lepas,aku gi la PWTC utk K3G ni.aku cume nk perluas kan option aku....byk gak la company bukak booth.aku bawak satu je resume n da bagi kat media prima.g laen2 aku cume isi borg .sebab kol 2 aku nye initial reunion kat time square,terpaksa la blk awal walaupun ad byk lagi peluang kerjaya aku boleh cube...kat pintu PWTC aku tjumpe fifi@firdaus yusof plak....

baru nk masuk fair ni da tersempak fifi dgn mak die.teman kakak die carik keje cam aku jugak kat K3G....waktu da nk dekat kol 2,tapi aku borak panjang dgn fifi sebab da lame gile xjumpe die..die la BFF aku mase kat kolej lame dulu...hahah..

then,rushing gi tx naek kommuter n monorail..kenny da marah2 kat aku sebab aku lambat gile smpai...padahal,sarj daia lagi lambt...panas ketika itu.komuter lambat gile smpai.then, dalam monorail satu coach dgn budak2 sekolah pompuan yg xde sopan santun n budi bahasa.teruk!!....
then smpai time square je, terus la lari gi foodcourt tingkat atas sekali..rupe2 nye,kenny xla melangut tggu aku.aku gak yg tggu die.memandangkan aku dgn kenny selalu berjumpe kat UNISEL,so kenny da biase la dgn aku dgn gelak jahat die....die punye gelak sakan...hahaha...then daia, hafiz tapir,ika n chiro pon smpai tggu kat tempat laen...aku gak kene amek diorg....

pic kat atas ni la ketibaan budak2 ni kat meja perbincangan.....yg sebenar2 nye aku xsangje plak si tapir n sarj ni da "in a relationship"....agak terkejut la jugak.tapir kot.dgn daia plak tu.....ahahah.sumpah aku memang tkejut..tapi geng,ape2 hal,aku doakan korg bahagia sentiase.
jadi xsilap aku kedatangan haritu


Sunday, May 16, 2010

a line that i like it the most

this life is to short to live it up just for you

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

teater Muzikal Gitar Lapok

haaaa......jemput la dtg ke event saya ni...dengan bimbingan cik Nazri...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

feeling of belonging

we never knew what will happen when we went to a places which is not familiar to us. i get many things when traveling to many gets better when i traveled alone. i can watch a lot of people different from myself.different from my peer and my close friend.

By the end of the day, it is the good thing that excite us to that place. it feels that we are belong to that place. something like its your second home and you wanted to go back. you wanted to go back to that place and spend more time there.
for me,it is the question either can i go back there or not. from i was smaller, i used to travel with my was great but i always wanted to go back to every places with the people i spend time with. bout if i cannot go back.i can never go back to the place i wanted to go so there any chance or time that will assist me going to that place again?
maybe a little bit of effort and pray might helpl me.

can i even think of any chances??

dinner that make me feel belonging to the place i went
i just notice there a watch there. what can i say. i finished the prawn because it was good.that is one of the reason why i wanted to go there.

tali leher coklat

bergaya di sembahyang jumaat.............
haaaaaa...nk gi sembahyang jumaat pown nk bergaya jugak.xkn la nk dating smbhyg comot je..hahah.
kain pelekat tu org bagi.terima kaseh bbyk2 la org bg ni...
weekend ni agak sunyi.patut aku gi penang.tapi xjadi awal2 sebab2 yg xdapat di elakkan.
weekend ni btol2 boring tanpa aktiviti riadah.naseb tgh hari sabtu tadi kuar lunch kat SACC mall je dgn abg,kak mariko and sarah..
sarah da pandai gelak skunk.da xnanges bile oorg laen pegang die.satu tingkat SACC mall aku dukung die jalan2.
ptg tadi hujan n aku pown tgk cte mummy the dragon tomb.nk watpe lagi.nk wat report xde mood lg la.
then lepas smbhyg maghrib dgn pak long kat surau, aku call ita@nagoya via skype dgn mak long n pak long...susah tol nk set up skype sebab aku da format laptop ni.
then gi dinner.
esok ahad diharap aku dapat beriadah.kasut joging tu pown aku xpenah pakai lg.da nk 2 blk beli xpakai2 lg.busy memanjang and hujan memanjang.kekadang petang blk kelas penat smpai nk joging pown da x larat.
then mlm tadi aku nk download cte pretty woman, richard gere n julia robert kuar plak bahasa french..penat2 je aku tggu.cancel download n delete sudayh..

futsal mania.
ha... ni la pic time aku men tournament futsal budak 6A...antara aksi2 kat situ la.thou,aku sedikit kecewa budak2 6A xde hantar sorg pown wakil masuk tournament class aku wat kat 13..beza fee rm20 je pown.aku maen ni siap ada penyokong dr kelas aku dtg dari kajang,cheras n gombak lg....atleast ada la yg xmen pown datang menyokong.MAAF.bukan berniat nk kutuk amek la pengajaran...

pasal event class aku.wat teater n music performance.harap ni final decision kite k.susah la bile nk ubah2 n masa semakin suntuk.yg penting event tu berjalan lancar n diterima baek oleh hadirin2 yg datang..

tali leher coklat aku "tertinggal"...harap tie ni ada je selalu..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


sepetang hujan hingga ke senja.

da lame la plak xtulis blog ni.
semalam hujan mengiringi petangke senja.hujan turun menemani diri ku tatkala daku tersenyum.senyum karena sesuatu yg indah.
and i am falling again.u can't fall upward.obviously u only fall downward to the depth i dun
to climb back.let me fall to the deepest depth.

jadi byk la berlaku selama ni.
aku gi USM n macam2 lg la. ni time aku makan kat kedai.makan kat atas gile la time ni dgn akmal.jakon tangkap gmbar plak time ni..hehehe

semggu lpas tu iaitu 2 mggu lepas aku wat event futsal dgn ramzi bersama sahabat2 kelas kat xtreme park sec13

penat badan and penat telinga.biasalah bile da wat futsal ni.but it was great and memang byk gile la experience leyh blaja.
pe2 hal-great la to my classmate yg ada dlm pic u all la.hahah...
[jup2,ada yg xde ke time ni??haaaaaaa]

lepas tu student project nye presentation plak.walaupun tegang susana tu tp grupmember menghiburkan hati.terbaek la team aku

  • adly catchy
  • ramzi ram z
  • noon no off
  • bum kundy2
ni la sehari sebelum presentation...

ni la time presentation.....tapi aku xpuas hati grup aku dapat 12 per 20 jew....ape cerita ni??kitorg bukan membaca??

then mggu lepas aku join tournament futsal bbudak sem 6A wat kat 17..
name team catchee efchee
manager- noon no off
  • ramzi ram z
  • adly cathcy
  • shafiq stailo la men
  • sayoq garis2 pancit
  • erie macho cover2 ckit
  • koya member adly
grouping aku menang straight 3 game..da la last lawan dgn team member gak..memang tergelak la aku kat tiang gol. jia bleyh plak panggil aku keeper shaolin soccer sebab aku pakai sluar track KMK warna kuning hijau tu.then masuk quaterfinal aku pown kalah dgn kaki bangku.1-4 plak tu kalah.tapi xpela.enjoy men futsal jew......caya la geng
hahah..pic kat noon la.die xupload kat FB lg..haaaaaa....weekend aku penuh dgn activities.xde la melangut je lepak2 xde arah.....lgpown aku da last sem kat sini...sob3.....
so busy skit la dgn activity bagai...
tell then

Saturday, February 27, 2010

what should we get

u can't get 2nd chances all the time.better of there is no 2nd chance at all.......

u always have options

once you have a decision on an option, do it until it is clear.

even though it is tough, just do it as it will rewards you more than u deserve.

if you turn back, you will always hit the problen over again no matter how many you tun back.....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

home alone..

i'm home alone now........mak long,pak long n ita went to langkawi until i'll be here in shah alam until wednesday.then i'm going back to ipoh.

Monday, February 1, 2010


arini aku beli kasut joging puma..murah je......tapi mase aku masuk SACC mall tadi,ada view yg cukup indah..DUCATI 848 dgn pipe remus....sumpah terbakar aku tgk duc tu.terus berangan la aku.pe2 hal,akmal yg ajar aku sal superbike.
sebab ape aku suke ducati.firstly design die yg sgt lawa.single arm,enjin v-twin terbaik didunia,bunyi yg sedap compare dgn superbike lain.and its italian.
bawak superbike leyh ride sorg.xyah pk nk bawak org laen.what is more beauty than italian.ducati la pujaan kalbu especially 1198......angan aku convoy dgn akmal n kenny.
jadi nk dpat kene la usaha.usaha tangga kejayaan.jgn harap kat org laen n
buat lebih dr dibayar n kita akan dibayar lebih dr ape yg kite buat....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

blonde legend

legendary marilyn monroe. the blonde who struck the world especially on her forbidden love.after all,her song also struck me deeply.

marilyn monroe-i'm through with love

I'm through with love
I'll never fall again
Said adieu to love
Don't ever call again
For I must love you or no one
And so I'm through with love

I've locked my heart
I'll keep my feelings there
I've stocked my heart
with icy,frigid air
And I mean to care for no one
Because I'm through with love

Why did you lead me
To think you could care?
You didn't need me
For you had your share
of slaves around you
To hound you and swear
with deep emotion and devotion to you

Goodbye to spring and all it meant to me
It can never bring the thing that used to be
For I must have you or no one
And so I'm through with love

I'm through with love

Baby I'm through with love

hear it with its meaning...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


lately...everything turn to be fine.i thank my pak long n mak long for letting me stay w them with excellent hospitality especially the food.class pown baru start n no worries sgt sal academic.
but i juz wanna live my life here in my new house,classmate n anyone who had befriend more longer than my study at ex-hsemate with my family and pak long n mak long.
no such things bothering me like a tusk at a cloth.

all my life i've been seeing people surrounding me especially when i traveled alone.
tgk org bile local yg kaya yg kebanyakan.bercampur dgn diorg n selami dunia diorg yg sedikit sebyk berbeza dr kita. evendo kite bawah payung yg sama.
betapa bertuah nye hidup aku dimuka bumi ni serba ada.berbanding org laen yg susah2 nk carik mkn.utk anak2 diorg yg turut serta dalam kesusahan hidup untuk meneruskan kehidupan seharian.bagaimana pula dgn anda??adakah anda susah seperti mereka.adakah ada menahan lapar memerah keringat mencari rezki.

anda berada diman sekarang??kerja yg anda lakukan skunk.tanggungjawab anda skrg??
berbaloikah apa yg anda lakukan skrg utk masa hadapan anda yg belum tentu cerah mahupown malap.


deattachment je la kn.....huh

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


hari2 asyek hujan n saket hati la bile nk pergi n blk class.redah je la.wat camne.parent hantar ke universiti utk belajar.
malaysian universiti english test(MUET) pown arini duedate.officially duit aku pown da abes bayar muet ni....camne nk hidup ni.

skunk,class pown xmenentu.susah la camni.ape la universiti xpela.naseb aku xlama da kat sini.sal subject ni agak berat la coz ada student project n event management.byk keje plak la lpas ni.
tp student project gak aku rasa bersalah.aku terpaksa khianati kumpulan tetap group assignment aku.sepatut nye aku group dgn arab,cwoo,din n ari..tapi atas sebab yg xdapat dielakkan.oleh itu saya dengan seikhlas hati meminta maaf kepada rakan sekelas.maaf sgt2.tapi subject laen kte still group kn...haaaaaaa...

pe2 hal,aku malas sem ni nk busy sgt.nk rilex je.bile org tertentu minx aku tolong je baru aku tolong.lgpown watpe nk tolong org gile2,(POMPUAN!!!!bukan laki)pastu org tu bapak sombong.habis madu sepah dibuang.muke nk masam bapak sedar la awak tu da mkn budi org.bukan nye aku minx balasan ke ape.tapi smpai da sombong memang sial la kn.da la aku tolong org,nk paksa2 aku pllak nk tolong diorg....WTF.ko tu classmate aku je pown.korg xde pown tolong aku selama ni.

Monday, January 25, 2010


mirror2 on the wall.who is the maiden that fall??