Monday, September 6, 2010

last 2 weeks before the end of Ramadhan

Last week is rather a little boring week compared to the week before. My department was busy with JW Pit Crew Experince@Sepang and Black Circuit Lounge Party@Swedish Marque. At least my good friends here are still around-Gabriel and Angeline. Our department was busy and I came back late once and break my fast with Pak Long at office.

then, one day before the event, i YM with my old friend and she asked me to say hi to her friend also an intern which she had asking me to do so repeatedly before. so, i put aside my shy and drop by to say hi before i went out during lunch break.i wish i had say hi earlier as the next day during my event is her last day and i am not in office.a word of regret i must say.
Plus, next Monday is Angeline last day as intern and next Wednesday is Gabriel last day too. I am all alone here.........

I AM NOT GOING TO LUNCH. i wanted to get few stuffs for the event. i said hi and i left.going back to office it was raining and i shirt was almost soaked by rain water. Not much work to be done as Connie is out for setup. Sarah sat next to me for the call Center. So, i am doing nothing and waiting the clock to hit my release from the office. So i talk to Sarah and Angeline and walk around to fill my empty time.
A reasons to smile,perhaps

go back home.

Then,next day is event day until Saturday and i was tired as i have been walking for 3 says.
anyway, it was a great experience of organizing an event such as that scale.

fast forward to last week.

self ad..
since i slip my feet into puma shoes-it was phenomenal. I'm in love with the brand so much.with the endorsement with Ferarri and Ducati, i create a strong rigid bond between this brand and my heart. whose not to love puma??....

So my love with puma never end especially for shoes.last 3 pair of shoes i bought were all puma.
Last Friday, i went break fast my my friend@sunway with the plan of getting a pair of puma shoes for my self i was very late and my friend waited for me even after break her fast.

[sorry,sudden pile of works at office upon time to go back.i must also blame the traffic right??hee]
after we finishing our meal.we went straight to studio R to get the shoes i wanted.i have surveyed the sunway pyramid when i did my racking. sadly, the shoes that i wanted has no size of mine.then,other models also does not have my size.then, i was so disappointed with it as my friend went to other shop...then, i took the model that i don't really prefer because of its color even though it was Ferrari endorsed, i ran to met my friend again and ask her opinion. wisely, she told me that do not buy a shoes that i don't really like to avoid regret days after purchase.....with heavy heart we left studio R and lucky i have another option,Puma lifestyle boutique, which recommended my my other friend if i wanted to get a puma shoe.

AS we entered, i instantly saw a pair which just exactly what i wish for a shoes. black colour,with distinctive and iconic white formstripe, genuine upper leather,Go ld-tone eyelets set off gold embossed tongue and golden textile lining, i was filled with enthusiasm and the price was really reasonable. within second i asked the promoter to seek for my size.
HOWEVER,another frustration of me as they have no available stock.i was disappointed again for the second time. the store only possessed a stock of one size bigger than my.

p/s: my friend said that i was really choosy and sophisticated on selecting my shoes.well, i told her it was Puma shoes and that make the difference between other brand. puma and i have a invincible bond on racing inspired shoes. however, my dream shoes i puma Ducati as i dream of having my very own Ducati bike.

so, it puzzled me either i should take it or not.the only thing stand between me and buying the shoe is the size. i was so anxious and since i cannot wait any longer, i just had to take the shoe.i must and i will. it is a very tempting and desirable shoe. wait no longer and i bought the shoes. the feeling was overwhelming and exited.i told my friend that i not going to wear it to office since i want to adore its beauty before slipping my feet into it and show the world.

with excitement within me and i am done my shopping, its my her turn to shop.she wanted to get a new hand bag since her current bag,the buckle was broken.we went to Asian Avenue to search for her ideal bag and landed to a shop called teeto, rather a cute name la. And finally get herself a new hand bag. so both of get get ourselves something for raya......

isn't she a beauty. simple but elegance

This post is strictly personal experience and not to advertise any brand or product.