Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sheila Majid- Dia

Up in the sky, where the sun down and moon glows.
Moon is a fascinating things.personally. especially when the sky is clear and you can see the moon's shine on the ground. lovely. Its beautiful,breathtaking. no wonder in Malay literacy, the monkey will be waiting for the moon to drop, as of missing someone. One thing about moon. one. there is only 1 moon for earth and that define missing someone.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Consumed, yet Still Digesting


So long since i wrote this blog. well, i write for my own satisfaction. used to wrote it when i was all alone in Brunei.

Leo Burnett, the place i wanted to be when i received the scroll on stage. and there i go, getting in with events with some blood aid. well i was happy then. considering i have been doing event while at college. happiest when Tanner came in. For 3 months is where i learn a lot from him. I talk to him once telling that i am willing to work. Then he left which kindda sad to me since i was hoping he stayed and he will be my teacher at office. I like working with him so much.

As time goes by and i got into thinking of stoping doing event. Its a tough decision. My heart said that if Tanner stayed, i might stay too. But its decided and i left.

Initial plan was i wanted to do brands with Marini. i knew she is good from Andy. But, blood limits me and i accepted with open heart. A little bit frustrated as commented by other friends but i'll pass. and there i go searching job to after my notification period ended,

Advertising agency - Leo Burnett. well being young on numbers and younger in heart. I love working there. the office, the people, the environment and everything that a young heart should like. oh, did i mentioned no punch card and free thinking. Well. I'm not British to wear the tucked in shirt. Its just good. well i'm young and friends come easy with interns flooding LB. good to find more friends and more friends.

I landed at a publishing company. Doing something that i thought i can try. but now i have decided again.