Saturday, November 6, 2010

as is...


intan or diamond is a precious items wanted by human lavish needs. That why there is a term called blood diamond. An educated man knows what is a blood diamond. One of its property I personally love the most is its everlasting shine. a man once told me that you can throw diamond into the mud, sewerage, a basket full of rotten meat and any place that symbolize ugly, negative, waste or bad. BUt, if you ever pick it up from it dumping ground, and polish it back, it will still shines beautifully again. Any man should use this exquisite property of diamond to our daily life. In term of personal esteem, we can shine wherever we go. As long as we know how to polish it with extraordinary efforts. Well, if you implies it to your daily life, you can get as many benefits from diamonds.
etc- if you are a truly diamond, you can shines without worrying anything. If you worry too much, it will killed your dreams. I learn it from a book given to me by a man. Written by Dale Carnegie entitled "Stop Worrying and Start Living"
For example. if you worried too much about money, any cent will never be enough for you and your dreams will be far away to reach and slowly die. This come from my personal experience thou.
BUt, live life the way you wanted to be. Chase your dream and stop worrying. Worry is the most contagious disease mankind should ever encounter. That why Dale Carnegie entitled his book;


Umbrella. I once tried an umbrella as a parachute. That is before it broken its frame and someone was angry. I asked myself why umbrella. Well, it is not as significant as a diamond. But umbrella has its own personal history from the ancient world. Now this little invention is everywhere. It also can be stylish enough if you using it at the right place and the right time with the proper attire. What we can learn form the umbrella is that it is a little invention with a big purpose for us, human. As it is no wrong on using it for other creatures living on earth; especially goat. Another one of its great purpose is shelter from natural elements such as sun shine and rain. Maybe it does not protect entirely from the elements, but at least it do provide a shelter. Applies it in life, we our self can become the umbrella itself. Such, we can shelter anything we favor the most. It can be our loved one, our dreams and passion that cheer our little life on this planet. Unless the is other planet greater than ours. Obviously, most of us never had the chance yet to hop on Sir Richards Branson's Virgin Atlantic space tourism. So, the space is very exile to us and keep our planet safe exclusively for our thousand future generations please. As u saw it on Ikea's toilet, leave everything the way you came in.. We are Malaysian with MANNERS.

buah delima

the Promoganate fruit if i am not mistaken on direct translation on Malay language. Not a very significant experiences from my personal mind storage. Just a normal experience with it. Back at my great grandmother house, there is a promoganate tree. But that time i thought that apple is the greatest fruit along with other foreign fruits such as berries and lemon.