Friday, January 13, 2012


Selamat Siang,

Thoroughbred, Italian screaming engine on 4 wheels. The prancing horse, all time favorite. Yes the Raging Bull is good looking, especially on Top 100 sexiest car by Top Gear. But, I still go for Ferrari. owh, and Aston as well, my god the are just good to look forever, and their V12 on DBS is the glorious and sweet. my favorite is always the DBS. Not from 007 of course.

But, now is totally different motor, as much as how fast a car can go, nothing excite me more than two wheeled transportation method. Which now is no longer just a transportation. Its life,pure life. Bologna twin is still my heart. But Honda is the best in the world. and the Aprillia RSV4 is just pure thunder

Well, my biking passion started from a talk with Akmal Syazwan. He is the one who bought me to biking world of wonder. From telling me he is buying kips until buka puasa with SBM (superyan and ustaz FJR) and others, it grew on my heart naturally. It grew so much that it has been my life now. The only time i an happy is when i do something with my bike.

Then, i fell in love with Ducati. Thus becoming a die hard fan of Casey Stoner, before he moved to Honda and became world champion again. And my favorite is the 1198R Corse SE edition. Which they selling at New Zealand for staggering million US$. Its beautiful, its pricey and its eargasm with the Testastetta heart of a L-Twin. My god the sound is a wet dream.

Until now, i never ridden on any Ducati before. The biggest capacity bike I ever rode was a Kawasaki ER-6n which i rode for my B full license test. Its just a test and i only gets into second gear with 60km/h top. My journey in biking world of wonder continue. I started to read magazine which cost me a week lunch, websites and any news that is motorcycle of big capacity.