Thursday, September 30, 2010

Star Up High

don't know why - norah jones

its been raining all day
more than i would talk to you
more than my eyes meet yours
more than my hand hold yours

when will the pouring stops
when will the sun shine
and the moon glows
when will the millions stars glitters
and fall to your arms
as each star is my soul

Thursday, September 16, 2010

few things are best spoken by song

jangan ada dusta-broery marantika ft. dewi yull

ketika pertama ku jumpa dengan mu
bukan kah kau pernah ku tanyakan padamu kasih
takkan kecewakah kau kepada diriku
takkan menyesalkah kau hidup dengan ku nanti

memang kau bukan yang pertama bagiku
pernah satu hati mengisi hidupku dulu
dan kini semua kau katakan padaku
jangan ada dusta diantara kita kasih

semua terserah padamu
aku begini adanya ku hormati keputusanmu
apapun yang akan kau katakan
sebekum terlanjur
kita jauh melangkah
kau katakan saja

one of the most beautiful song.
  • calming enough for a troubled heart.
  • soft enough to melt the ruined
that why they create lyrics of songs, which fill the air all day long. it is a fine art, sculptured by sound of instruments which tackled the heart of person who listen to it

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sweet or sour,selamat hari raya

picture of you-boyzone

raya kembali setelah setahun menyepi.maka pengumuman hari raya telah jatuh pada 10 september 2010 hari Jumaat...........hari khamis kerja half day kat office.idd tetap dengan jualan biskut raya die,
sorry la idd and ana, intern xde duit lebih nk beli kuih2 tu. .hehe

blk rumah dari office terus berehat sebelum bertolak dari Shah Alam ke Johor Baru. Acal pon da bangun dan siap2.tggu kol 6,kami meninggalkan rumah, isi minyak kereta, reload touch'n'go and beli juadah berbuka puasa yg terakhir utk ramadhan ini. meatball marinara and italian BMT. air zapple dan pepsi botol besar. buat bekalan time perjalanan sekali.

plan blk jB
  1. amek kak nadia n Leah@KLIA
  2. convoy dgn abg syafiq

buka i tempat terbuka di suatu tempat n pergi rumah abg.ingt da siap, rupenye belum lg. so da ready semua, kitorg pon bertolak la. and kak nadia pon call bgtaw die da selamat sampai di KLIA dgn Leah.
Leah hsemate kak nadia@NZ. dtg malaysia nk beraya sekali sebab die pon puasa sekali. the more the merrier .
setelah sekian lame,alhadulillah smpai di johor baru,singgah larkin sebentar dan terus ke tebrau.

so pagi raya.
the girls

the boys

the jewel

the year old father

gambar2 semasa sebelum group photo,

tgk en. Ali tu......hahaha

da setting punye setting,cuaca pon agak gelap, maka ni la group photo Raya 2010 keluarga Masrukin bin Dasuki.yg paling mude kene la duduk dibawah....


begini la pagi raya di taman sri tebrau.........

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


aman shah-kepulangan yang dinanti

this raya is a total different from all of my 20 raya. since i'm humbly 21 years old which mean i am still young and qualified to receive duit raya from everyone generous heart.

the good thing about 2010 raya is i will be raya at my kampung,JOHOR BARU. going there tonight with my 2 older cousin and acal,which is my closest, i would say that i was thrilled as food galore awaiting at JB and ABC is what my thirst love the usual, me and acal always go to mcD during 1st raya at giant because we love it. its like our local plus western lifestyle . and so on with all the upcoming raya story lah.

the bad thing is that this is the 1st raya without my parent.because they wanted to have the last raya abroad. should be.i like the qoute-"tanah tumpah darah sendiri". i was born here in wilayah persekutuan kuala lumpur. not somewhere else abroad and thank god for that.

so for this raya, i would like to say a few words

i'm maybe not the best person for you to met
maybe i can't give you everything you required
i maybe too harsh, cold mean to you,
but i wanted to be true to my self that
as all other person who celebrate raya
i'm humbly seek forgiveness from the bottom of my heart.
i am a normal human being
prone to making mistakes,
hurt other feelings
and any kind of offense i might do to you
forgiveness from head to toe
from physical to internal

hisham noh

Monday, September 6, 2010

last 2 weeks before the end of Ramadhan

Last week is rather a little boring week compared to the week before. My department was busy with JW Pit Crew Experince@Sepang and Black Circuit Lounge Party@Swedish Marque. At least my good friends here are still around-Gabriel and Angeline. Our department was busy and I came back late once and break my fast with Pak Long at office.

then, one day before the event, i YM with my old friend and she asked me to say hi to her friend also an intern which she had asking me to do so repeatedly before. so, i put aside my shy and drop by to say hi before i went out during lunch break.i wish i had say hi earlier as the next day during my event is her last day and i am not in office.a word of regret i must say.
Plus, next Monday is Angeline last day as intern and next Wednesday is Gabriel last day too. I am all alone here.........

I AM NOT GOING TO LUNCH. i wanted to get few stuffs for the event. i said hi and i left.going back to office it was raining and i shirt was almost soaked by rain water. Not much work to be done as Connie is out for setup. Sarah sat next to me for the call Center. So, i am doing nothing and waiting the clock to hit my release from the office. So i talk to Sarah and Angeline and walk around to fill my empty time.
A reasons to smile,perhaps

go back home.

Then,next day is event day until Saturday and i was tired as i have been walking for 3 says.
anyway, it was a great experience of organizing an event such as that scale.

fast forward to last week.

self ad..
since i slip my feet into puma shoes-it was phenomenal. I'm in love with the brand so much.with the endorsement with Ferarri and Ducati, i create a strong rigid bond between this brand and my heart. whose not to love puma??....

So my love with puma never end especially for shoes.last 3 pair of shoes i bought were all puma.
Last Friday, i went break fast my my friend@sunway with the plan of getting a pair of puma shoes for my self i was very late and my friend waited for me even after break her fast.

[sorry,sudden pile of works at office upon time to go back.i must also blame the traffic right??hee]
after we finishing our meal.we went straight to studio R to get the shoes i wanted.i have surveyed the sunway pyramid when i did my racking. sadly, the shoes that i wanted has no size of mine.then,other models also does not have my size.then, i was so disappointed with it as my friend went to other shop...then, i took the model that i don't really prefer because of its color even though it was Ferrari endorsed, i ran to met my friend again and ask her opinion. wisely, she told me that do not buy a shoes that i don't really like to avoid regret days after purchase.....with heavy heart we left studio R and lucky i have another option,Puma lifestyle boutique, which recommended my my other friend if i wanted to get a puma shoe.

AS we entered, i instantly saw a pair which just exactly what i wish for a shoes. black colour,with distinctive and iconic white formstripe, genuine upper leather,Go ld-tone eyelets set off gold embossed tongue and golden textile lining, i was filled with enthusiasm and the price was really reasonable. within second i asked the promoter to seek for my size.
HOWEVER,another frustration of me as they have no available stock.i was disappointed again for the second time. the store only possessed a stock of one size bigger than my.

p/s: my friend said that i was really choosy and sophisticated on selecting my shoes.well, i told her it was Puma shoes and that make the difference between other brand. puma and i have a invincible bond on racing inspired shoes. however, my dream shoes i puma Ducati as i dream of having my very own Ducati bike.

so, it puzzled me either i should take it or not.the only thing stand between me and buying the shoe is the size. i was so anxious and since i cannot wait any longer, i just had to take the shoe.i must and i will. it is a very tempting and desirable shoe. wait no longer and i bought the shoes. the feeling was overwhelming and exited.i told my friend that i not going to wear it to office since i want to adore its beauty before slipping my feet into it and show the world.

with excitement within me and i am done my shopping, its my her turn to shop.she wanted to get a new hand bag since her current bag,the buckle was broken.we went to Asian Avenue to search for her ideal bag and landed to a shop called teeto, rather a cute name la. And finally get herself a new hand bag. so both of get get ourselves something for raya......

isn't she a beauty. simple but elegance

This post is strictly personal experience and not to advertise any brand or product.