Friday, October 25, 2013

Just When I Needed You Most - Randy VanWarmer

My current favorite song for this week. Also "Wanting- Drenched", thanks s to Skye for introducing this song to me. I went to orchestra concert last week, at Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra(MPO) with her last Sunday. My second ever orchestra concert "Old World Symphony vs New World Symphony". Click here for upcoming concert and performance information at MPO, KLCC. If you really are a  music purist, this is the place to be. As usual in an orchestra in Malaysia, the minority race will be Malay and it was dominated by Caucasians. Unless you can find a 24 years old Malay boy, good looking(I supposed) and tall, suntanned from years of marine water-sport and riding bike under hot and humid Malaysian weather.

The first part of the concert was rather bored and i really wanted to sleep since we were seated 4th row from the stage. Skye was trying hard to keep her eyes open, i think. The music was rather slow and less entertaining for a young blood like me, as i waited patiently for the 20 minutes brake. While uncertain of when the concert will take a break, while my eyes lurking around to see if anymore sleeper besides me. Luckily, I saw a Chinese man wearing a green batik fell asleep and suddenly a high tone music rushing trough and he wakes up in shock, while i almost burst to a big laugh. Just to entertain myself apart from the live music of the concert , and finally the conductor is off and non-stop clapping begin. While Skye stop clapping quarter through since she is orchestra concerto virgin.I really hope she enjoy this concert since I'm the one asking her out to go to this concert.  

Once the clapping officially over, we walked out to get fresher air. It was a big relief for me and i don't mind mind sleeping in the concert hall, with live harmonious music playing in front of me. Splash of water over my face was great and refreshing, and checking on the big mirror if my style is properly "acceptable" and groovy but still formally fit an orchestra concert.

20 minutes passed and we are back in the concert hall. I told her to wake me up if I accidentally fell asleep in the middle of the concert. Finally the music was louder, percussion was dominant and the violins and cellos were fantastic. This is the concert suit perfectly for a young blood like me. Mixture of high and fast tone brighten my eye and lovely music from the flute and violins. From my low knowledge of movies and music, i sense a lot of "Jaws", "Star Wars" and other movie soundtracks which spice up my instinct on music utopia that day.

Overall, it was a great concert, mostly the second half of it and i was hungry, fueled by the cold concert hall. Since i have no idea what to eat in KLCC, we decided to go to the food court. Mainly(for me) because its cheaper and more variety. Since she already had her lunch at home, I decided to get a traditional food, Ayam Penyet. Not really a big fan of this delicacy, but it's good and simple. As my heritage from both my parent goes all the way from Indonesia. My baby sister love this "Ayam Penyet" very much even though she can't really eat spicy food. Skye brought top hat for her dessert and I stole couple of it, while arguing with her what is the real name of this delicacy. 

The we went to walk in park at KLCC. Just to show her around KLCC's park, the playing pool. I felt like Notting Hill already after Will and Anna had dinner for Honey's birthday dinner at Max's. I think, unconsciously I'm obsessed what that movie(LOL). She revealed how enthusiastic she was when in school with her Kadet Remaja Sekolah(KRS), marching and camping. I'm impressed comparing her experience and my (National Service) experience, most likely she is a better camper than me. I still need lighter to survive in the jungle and I need to learn more from "Man Vs Wild's" host, Bear Grylls, or I can just learn straight from her with no money being paid. I'm sure she is fine with this idea, courtesy of a good friend. I was thinking to go for a camping trip once a while and let the stress flow down the stream at the camping site.

Before I forget, since we went to the concert on Sunday afternoon, Kuala Lumpur's calmest day for it's citizen to spend their weekend. We decided to took LRT from Kelana Jaya straight to KLCC. Easier and faster to penetrate Malaysian capital. On our way back from KLCC, We talked about Sheila Majid's song, started from "B". As I'm one of Sheila song's fan, I was rather confuse on which of her song started from "B". So as a proper gentleman, i gave up and she told me the answer was "Berhenti Berharap". Upon hearing her answer, i wanted to "facepalm" myself. It turned out she is confused between "Sheila Majid" and "Sheila On Seven".

Sum up, it was another great Sunday I had. Morning short ride, picking up grandma from train station and orchestra. Could't been better except a MotoGP weekend in Sepang again. Thanks Skye for going to the orchestra concert with me. I was a great day.

Few pictures from Sepang 2 weeks ago. 

Maybe I'm announcing my inner self. I'm a Valerie Wossie Fan 

Managed to catch Max. He whispered to me that he was here to support Valerie Wossie. I have no idea who the hell is that rider. 

A proud picture of me and Livio Suppo, Repsol Honda Team Principle. Few top man in MotoGP that have big influence on Casey Stoner's MotoGP career from Ducati and Honda. I was very lucky to catch him in Sepang. Wanted to wear my Repsol Honda tshirt, but it's not authentic Gas. 

Sabrina was like little girl??LOL

 Me, Renai and our Malaysian Moto2 rider, Hafizh Syahrin

 And Nicky, thanks for the slider although you didn't gave it straight to me

Thanks to Sabrina for this opportunity this year to be at Sepang International Circuit paddock with pit lane pass. I almost wanted to buy you a big big cake thank you. Even better if I baked it myself.


Friday, January 13, 2012


Selamat Siang,

Thoroughbred, Italian screaming engine on 4 wheels. The prancing horse, all time favorite. Yes the Raging Bull is good looking, especially on Top 100 sexiest car by Top Gear. But, I still go for Ferrari. owh, and Aston as well, my god the are just good to look forever, and their V12 on DBS is the glorious and sweet. my favorite is always the DBS. Not from 007 of course.

But, now is totally different motor, as much as how fast a car can go, nothing excite me more than two wheeled transportation method. Which now is no longer just a transportation. Its life,pure life. Bologna twin is still my heart. But Honda is the best in the world. and the Aprillia RSV4 is just pure thunder

Well, my biking passion started from a talk with Akmal Syazwan. He is the one who bought me to biking world of wonder. From telling me he is buying kips until buka puasa with SBM (superyan and ustaz FJR) and others, it grew on my heart naturally. It grew so much that it has been my life now. The only time i an happy is when i do something with my bike.

Then, i fell in love with Ducati. Thus becoming a die hard fan of Casey Stoner, before he moved to Honda and became world champion again. And my favorite is the 1198R Corse SE edition. Which they selling at New Zealand for staggering million US$. Its beautiful, its pricey and its eargasm with the Testastetta heart of a L-Twin. My god the sound is a wet dream.

Until now, i never ridden on any Ducati before. The biggest capacity bike I ever rode was a Kawasaki ER-6n which i rode for my B full license test. Its just a test and i only gets into second gear with 60km/h top. My journey in biking world of wonder continue. I started to read magazine which cost me a week lunch, websites and any news that is motorcycle of big capacity.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sheila Majid- Dia

Up in the sky, where the sun down and moon glows.
Moon is a fascinating things.personally. especially when the sky is clear and you can see the moon's shine on the ground. lovely. Its beautiful,breathtaking. no wonder in Malay literacy, the monkey will be waiting for the moon to drop, as of missing someone. One thing about moon. one. there is only 1 moon for earth and that define missing someone.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Consumed, yet Still Digesting


So long since i wrote this blog. well, i write for my own satisfaction. used to wrote it when i was all alone in Brunei.

Leo Burnett, the place i wanted to be when i received the scroll on stage. and there i go, getting in with events with some blood aid. well i was happy then. considering i have been doing event while at college. happiest when Tanner came in. For 3 months is where i learn a lot from him. I talk to him once telling that i am willing to work. Then he left which kindda sad to me since i was hoping he stayed and he will be my teacher at office. I like working with him so much.

As time goes by and i got into thinking of stoping doing event. Its a tough decision. My heart said that if Tanner stayed, i might stay too. But its decided and i left.

Initial plan was i wanted to do brands with Marini. i knew she is good from Andy. But, blood limits me and i accepted with open heart. A little bit frustrated as commented by other friends but i'll pass. and there i go searching job to after my notification period ended,

Advertising agency - Leo Burnett. well being young on numbers and younger in heart. I love working there. the office, the people, the environment and everything that a young heart should like. oh, did i mentioned no punch card and free thinking. Well. I'm not British to wear the tucked in shirt. Its just good. well i'm young and friends come easy with interns flooding LB. good to find more friends and more friends.

I landed at a publishing company. Doing something that i thought i can try. but now i have decided again.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

this is the that i want

Eric Clapton-Wonderful Tonight

maybe its just worth the wait. After all, the best thing in life is worth a wait.Van Wilder.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

as is...


intan or diamond is a precious items wanted by human lavish needs. That why there is a term called blood diamond. An educated man knows what is a blood diamond. One of its property I personally love the most is its everlasting shine. a man once told me that you can throw diamond into the mud, sewerage, a basket full of rotten meat and any place that symbolize ugly, negative, waste or bad. BUt, if you ever pick it up from it dumping ground, and polish it back, it will still shines beautifully again. Any man should use this exquisite property of diamond to our daily life. In term of personal esteem, we can shine wherever we go. As long as we know how to polish it with extraordinary efforts. Well, if you implies it to your daily life, you can get as many benefits from diamonds.
etc- if you are a truly diamond, you can shines without worrying anything. If you worry too much, it will killed your dreams. I learn it from a book given to me by a man. Written by Dale Carnegie entitled "Stop Worrying and Start Living"
For example. if you worried too much about money, any cent will never be enough for you and your dreams will be far away to reach and slowly die. This come from my personal experience thou.
BUt, live life the way you wanted to be. Chase your dream and stop worrying. Worry is the most contagious disease mankind should ever encounter. That why Dale Carnegie entitled his book;


Umbrella. I once tried an umbrella as a parachute. That is before it broken its frame and someone was angry. I asked myself why umbrella. Well, it is not as significant as a diamond. But umbrella has its own personal history from the ancient world. Now this little invention is everywhere. It also can be stylish enough if you using it at the right place and the right time with the proper attire. What we can learn form the umbrella is that it is a little invention with a big purpose for us, human. As it is no wrong on using it for other creatures living on earth; especially goat. Another one of its great purpose is shelter from natural elements such as sun shine and rain. Maybe it does not protect entirely from the elements, but at least it do provide a shelter. Applies it in life, we our self can become the umbrella itself. Such, we can shelter anything we favor the most. It can be our loved one, our dreams and passion that cheer our little life on this planet. Unless the is other planet greater than ours. Obviously, most of us never had the chance yet to hop on Sir Richards Branson's Virgin Atlantic space tourism. So, the space is very exile to us and keep our planet safe exclusively for our thousand future generations please. As u saw it on Ikea's toilet, leave everything the way you came in.. We are Malaysian with MANNERS.

buah delima

the Promoganate fruit if i am not mistaken on direct translation on Malay language. Not a very significant experiences from my personal mind storage. Just a normal experience with it. Back at my great grandmother house, there is a promoganate tree. But that time i thought that apple is the greatest fruit along with other foreign fruits such as berries and lemon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday all day

si gadis ayu-black dog bone

Sunday is where i always woke up late. But I will always love Saturday. Working during weekdays make every weekend is a heaven. Alas, its just life ma

its 9.08 p.m on Sunday night. Earlier today, i played Futsal with my officemate@ One Utama. Which cost me RM17..woow, that too much for a small earner like me. AND, my soccer boots has lost it entire studs.
Then, we are playing again this Tuesday at real field, not artificial turf. Where am i gonna get a boots too play??
before i went back home, i went to Studio R to check any boots. But then, i saw something bigger than a soccer boot. One of my biggest dreams.
A PUMA DUCATI of my dream on 40% discount. I asked the promoter until when this offer last, He answered that today is the last day. and my dream ruins and washed away.
Its hard to accept the fact that i can't get a pair of it.
Perhaps, next time will do.

On this same Sunday also,i just came out words that i just figure it out..

if i text you, i can't stop thinking of you
if i call you, i get insomnia thinking of you, still

hah, maybe i dream too much thou