Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shell Advanced Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2010

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Sepang International Circuit

during this date, maybe the national astronaut will get married with his girl. But here is far more important that the big national hero wedding for offense ya.
the most anticipated by myself-motoGP at my home soil.
i was really terrified that i can't go since i wanted to get the expensive ticket as it is an annual event i anticipated the most. then Carmen at office gave me an offer i can't godfather and guns, but with pure enthusiasm, i accept the offer which is 2 MAIN GRANDSTAND Shell Advanced Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2010 tickets worth RM200.

i was posses and i can't sit still. I have been waiting for almost 2 years for such an inspiring event.2 years of waiting and dreaming fantasizing the race at Sepang International Circuit. AND it is a main grand stand tickets.
instantly, i called akmal and offer him the tickets which i get.
then i get another 2 tickets from Jasmin, my next office-mate sat next to me.
For sure, one of the extra tickets are for EKA, so i thought if asking my friend which love TEETO to go, but sadly she have to go to her relatives house.
then i offer a ticket to good friend since high school. He has the same big two wheel enthusiasm. and he is the one who always help me when i broke my leg 7 years ago.

So i really hope to see Casey Stoner and Nickey Hayden step on the podium as Marlboro Ducati Team . Their win will make my first motoGP race a sweet memory.
As Malaysian, i also hope Zul Fahmi will get into podium at home ground

the rider
the guy with a dream