Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a beautifully sweet film

you took my heart away-micheal learns to rock

Last night, I watch the film ’August Rush’. A night before that, I watched ‘Bodyguard and Assassin’ (BAA).

BAA was an impressive movie that exposed viewers with deep patriotic feeling. However, it is hard to determine which one are the protagonist and antagonist characters. But I like the message it wanted to convey to viewers. It is more like the beginning of the Cultural Revolution of the great China, in my understanding.

Then, the August Rush film. I categorize this film as a beautifully sweet film. Thank to Angeline, who gave me this wonderful movie. Lucky you. The way the film tells its magical story and the essence of fine music which I was impressed with proud face. The best scene was how a moment together can be a lifetime. The family values also struck me with the bond of parent and their children.


There are so much things going on around me.

There are so many think I must made my decision

There so much feeling I have to love with. Perhaps its only one

I have been out of luck recently with few things. But few wonderful things happen too. Nevertheless, it is just life. You don’t runaway or deny it. Obviously, you should never fight against it. Its just there around us and inside us

As days passing by, I stuck in a place where I should choose between dream and current passion. It is a though decision to make. Dream is what I wanted to do for a log time. Current passion is where I put my full effort in it. But dream what make a person great. Just like Martin Luther King Jr. great person.

If I have all the chance in the world, I want to catch my dream. Have been dreaming with my friend all the way up to the highest peak.