Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday all day

si gadis ayu-black dog bone

Sunday is where i always woke up late. But I will always love Saturday. Working during weekdays make every weekend is a heaven. Alas, its just life ma

its 9.08 p.m on Sunday night. Earlier today, i played Futsal with my officemate@ One Utama. Which cost me RM17..woow, that too much for a small earner like me. AND, my soccer boots has lost it entire studs.
Then, we are playing again this Tuesday at real field, not artificial turf. Where am i gonna get a boots too play??
before i went back home, i went to Studio R to check any boots. But then, i saw something bigger than a soccer boot. One of my biggest dreams.
A PUMA DUCATI of my dream on 40% discount. I asked the promoter until when this offer last, He answered that today is the last day. and my dream ruins and washed away.
Its hard to accept the fact that i can't get a pair of it.
Perhaps, next time will do.

On this same Sunday also,i just came out words that i just figure it out..

if i text you, i can't stop thinking of you
if i call you, i get insomnia thinking of you, still

hah, maybe i dream too much thou