Saturday, April 3, 2010

feeling of belonging

we never knew what will happen when we went to a places which is not familiar to us. i get many things when traveling to many gets better when i traveled alone. i can watch a lot of people different from myself.different from my peer and my close friend.

By the end of the day, it is the good thing that excite us to that place. it feels that we are belong to that place. something like its your second home and you wanted to go back. you wanted to go back to that place and spend more time there.
for me,it is the question either can i go back there or not. from i was smaller, i used to travel with my was great but i always wanted to go back to every places with the people i spend time with. bout if i cannot go back.i can never go back to the place i wanted to go so there any chance or time that will assist me going to that place again?
maybe a little bit of effort and pray might helpl me.

can i even think of any chances??

dinner that make me feel belonging to the place i went
i just notice there a watch there. what can i say. i finished the prawn because it was good.that is one of the reason why i wanted to go there.