Sunday, August 1, 2010

what a weekend.

hugh grant and haley bennett-way back into love

weekend on 31 july and 1 august is the weekend i've been waiting for so long. one filled weekend.

a day before the weekend during friday, i went to SK-II lunch event with Aishah, Rachel and Angeline."Power Up Your Curve Luncheon with Fauziah Latiff".A luncheon with kak gee- Fauziah Latiff, i always wanted to met her. she somehow different from typical local artist. not to mention she a beauty too...hehe...

the event venue-Rajawali and Helang room, the legend hotel KL. Before this,i only went to the mall and PWTC. Never been to the lobby which situated on 9th floor. its is not a luxurious and desirable 5 star hotel,but it has its own class and attractions. the event should start at 10.30 and the talk will be started at 11.00.

when i arrive,i had breakfast at McD The Mall. a set of Big Breakfast with a coffee.i love the sausage. a healthy breakfast it should be.blurrpppp.
then, i went straight up to 9th floor where the lobby and function room located. Asked the usher and she guide me to the function room of rajawali ang helang. Actually, the event venue is the combination of 3 rooms. But i forget the name of the third room. Then, i met Angline from Branding department. i always saw her before during free breakfast. So we turn up working together for the event. our job,to take care of the receptionist counter,usher the guests and help out anything Aishah or Rachel require. Angeline is also an intern at the office. No wonder she always looked like trying to adapt herself to the office environment
[Sorry angeline, sincere comments;) haha]

For the guest attendance,we are not expecting full attendance because it is still weekdays even though the client has allocated 50 seats for both 2 days of event summing up the total guest of 100 people between the two days. the food must be abundantly left. Any empty stomach to filled pumpkin soupS, grilled chickenS and cheese cake?? you should try the soup.nice....

after the event, I have to go back to the office...daaaa.
I thought we can go straight home after working half day outside the office. Then i can go the the 5th Malaysian International Dive Expo, MIDE 2010.then i took the LRT with Angeline heading straight back to the office.
3hours to kill and online je la...
Go home early. After all. Tomorrow is a working days for 4 of us. Sabtu kene keje. Xpe la, keje jangan banyak merungut sgt.awak tu hisham baru lagi.xsampai sebulan pon.
Back at Shah Alam and went straight to Cinta Sayang having dinner with Sayoq and Din.
Back home and watch The Mask of Zorro I before sleep.
Next morning head back to The Legend Hotel with the same routine as yesterday. The only thing better that yesterday is more guest even though not a full house.seriously,really wasted of food being cooked for 50 people.

haaaaaaa......before that, a brilliant plan between me and Acal.heheheh[evil laugh]....
for a week before this particular Saturday, we planned for a suprise come back of Acal to Pak Long and Mak Long.the plan is when Pak Long and Mak Long come back from dinner, Acal will go inside the house using my key hided somewhere and i pretend to be as usual always when going out to dinner.

Back to the event, kak Gee came alone, so I have to usher her from the main entrance. when she arrived, i felt very weird ushering for her. A feeling kindda proud walking with celebrities which mostly known for the singing and beauty. Actually, I wanted to talk to her about his bike. Her assistant told me she had a Can-Am Spyder and A DUCATI 749

haaaaaaaa.......seriously, she is very cool that she have the same passion as mine. SBK. So, she talked to me and asked about the event and i answer it accordingly. Then she went straight to the holding room.
the breakfast is salami sandwich, scone with whipped cream and grape jam and other pastries. . i don't like the scone because it was baked with cherries cut. plain scone or raisin will be taste better.
the event started and same as yesterday...
after the event end, 4 of us head straight to the coffee house and had lunch buffet. Since I have been constantly eating all the sandwiches during the event,my belly was slightly full with it. I ate the buffet below my usual requirement of food consumption.hahaha..

then everyone head home while i went straight to PWTC for Malaysian International Diving Expo 2010 MIDE.i went there with the hope to find any of abah friend and MAYBE my long lost friend,Kieko. It was a very long time ago that actually i don't really remember her face which now should be older with wrinkles.she was my mum when on board dream voyager the boat on the image below...hahaha. the dream voyager

it was 1999 when i live aboard for 4 day at pulau jarak of coast Lumut Perak. It was a great experience since i am young and enthusiast..hahaha
back at PWTC, i wander around and saw a crocs booth. i entered a contest and i won a RM500 voucher.great.