Friday, October 25, 2013

Just When I Needed You Most - Randy VanWarmer

My current favorite song for this week. Also "Wanting- Drenched", thanks s to Skye for introducing this song to me. I went to orchestra concert last week, at Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra(MPO) with her last Sunday. My second ever orchestra concert "Old World Symphony vs New World Symphony". Click here for upcoming concert and performance information at MPO, KLCC. If you really are a  music purist, this is the place to be. As usual in an orchestra in Malaysia, the minority race will be Malay and it was dominated by Caucasians. Unless you can find a 24 years old Malay boy, good looking(I supposed) and tall, suntanned from years of marine water-sport and riding bike under hot and humid Malaysian weather.

The first part of the concert was rather bored and i really wanted to sleep since we were seated 4th row from the stage. Skye was trying hard to keep her eyes open, i think. The music was rather slow and less entertaining for a young blood like me, as i waited patiently for the 20 minutes brake. While uncertain of when the concert will take a break, while my eyes lurking around to see if anymore sleeper besides me. Luckily, I saw a Chinese man wearing a green batik fell asleep and suddenly a high tone music rushing trough and he wakes up in shock, while i almost burst to a big laugh. Just to entertain myself apart from the live music of the concert , and finally the conductor is off and non-stop clapping begin. While Skye stop clapping quarter through since she is orchestra concerto virgin.I really hope she enjoy this concert since I'm the one asking her out to go to this concert.  

Once the clapping officially over, we walked out to get fresher air. It was a big relief for me and i don't mind mind sleeping in the concert hall, with live harmonious music playing in front of me. Splash of water over my face was great and refreshing, and checking on the big mirror if my style is properly "acceptable" and groovy but still formally fit an orchestra concert.

20 minutes passed and we are back in the concert hall. I told her to wake me up if I accidentally fell asleep in the middle of the concert. Finally the music was louder, percussion was dominant and the violins and cellos were fantastic. This is the concert suit perfectly for a young blood like me. Mixture of high and fast tone brighten my eye and lovely music from the flute and violins. From my low knowledge of movies and music, i sense a lot of "Jaws", "Star Wars" and other movie soundtracks which spice up my instinct on music utopia that day.

Overall, it was a great concert, mostly the second half of it and i was hungry, fueled by the cold concert hall. Since i have no idea what to eat in KLCC, we decided to go to the food court. Mainly(for me) because its cheaper and more variety. Since she already had her lunch at home, I decided to get a traditional food, Ayam Penyet. Not really a big fan of this delicacy, but it's good and simple. As my heritage from both my parent goes all the way from Indonesia. My baby sister love this "Ayam Penyet" very much even though she can't really eat spicy food. Skye brought top hat for her dessert and I stole couple of it, while arguing with her what is the real name of this delicacy. 

The we went to walk in park at KLCC. Just to show her around KLCC's park, the playing pool. I felt like Notting Hill already after Will and Anna had dinner for Honey's birthday dinner at Max's. I think, unconsciously I'm obsessed what that movie(LOL). She revealed how enthusiastic she was when in school with her Kadet Remaja Sekolah(KRS), marching and camping. I'm impressed comparing her experience and my (National Service) experience, most likely she is a better camper than me. I still need lighter to survive in the jungle and I need to learn more from "Man Vs Wild's" host, Bear Grylls, or I can just learn straight from her with no money being paid. I'm sure she is fine with this idea, courtesy of a good friend. I was thinking to go for a camping trip once a while and let the stress flow down the stream at the camping site.

Before I forget, since we went to the concert on Sunday afternoon, Kuala Lumpur's calmest day for it's citizen to spend their weekend. We decided to took LRT from Kelana Jaya straight to KLCC. Easier and faster to penetrate Malaysian capital. On our way back from KLCC, We talked about Sheila Majid's song, started from "B". As I'm one of Sheila song's fan, I was rather confuse on which of her song started from "B". So as a proper gentleman, i gave up and she told me the answer was "Berhenti Berharap". Upon hearing her answer, i wanted to "facepalm" myself. It turned out she is confused between "Sheila Majid" and "Sheila On Seven".

Sum up, it was another great Sunday I had. Morning short ride, picking up grandma from train station and orchestra. Could't been better except a MotoGP weekend in Sepang again. Thanks Skye for going to the orchestra concert with me. I was a great day.

Few pictures from Sepang 2 weeks ago. 

Maybe I'm announcing my inner self. I'm a Valerie Wossie Fan 

Managed to catch Max. He whispered to me that he was here to support Valerie Wossie. I have no idea who the hell is that rider. 

A proud picture of me and Livio Suppo, Repsol Honda Team Principle. Few top man in MotoGP that have big influence on Casey Stoner's MotoGP career from Ducati and Honda. I was very lucky to catch him in Sepang. Wanted to wear my Repsol Honda tshirt, but it's not authentic Gas. 

Sabrina was like little girl??LOL

 Me, Renai and our Malaysian Moto2 rider, Hafizh Syahrin

 And Nicky, thanks for the slider although you didn't gave it straight to me

Thanks to Sabrina for this opportunity this year to be at Sepang International Circuit paddock with pit lane pass. I almost wanted to buy you a big big cake thank you. Even better if I baked it myself.